Pure lavender oil is blended with citrus orange blossom to give a modern yet classic, fresh and uplifting fragrance. Orange Blossom & Lavender has been with Klinta since the beginning and has become a Klinta staple.

Candle Small – burn time 18 hours. Klinta candles are unlike normal candles. They contain a warm massage oil which looks and behaves just like a scented candle. They are completely natural and made using rapeseed oil, palm oil and soya wax from renewable sources. Light the candle, let a pool of oil form (approx 15 min) and dip in your finger. Massage and enjoy!

Candle Large – burn time 45 hours

Diffuser 50ml - Klinta’s Reed Diffusers have the same pure and gentle fragrances as our candles and again we’ve chosen to take the natural and environmentally friendly route to production. The base ingredient in the Diffusers is an oil derived from soya beans – which is easily cultivated, fast-growing and completely sustainable. And then of course they simply add a little fragrance or essential oil.

Room Spray – Klinta’s Room Sprays creates an immediate sense of everyday luxury and gives your home that personal and exclusive touch.  Spray in the air or on fabrics and carpets as generously as your own tastes demand.

Brand Klinta
Product Candle Small

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